Product Code: ARX-661

Description: 1/2 “mini composite wrench

Technical Specifications 

Square Drive 1/2 “
No-load speed (RPM) 9,000
Working torque 295 ft lb (400 Nm)
maximum. Torsion 450 ft lb (610 Nm)
Net weight (kg) 1.2
Total length (mm) 179
Air inlet (PT) 1/4 “


  1.  Ultrashort
    130 mm short design space is limited.
  2. Rigid
    built in an integrated air motor drive unit. This feature is the use of four screws of the front plate, cylinder, rotor and rear plate as a unit in order to avoid leakage and power consumption for a long time to work.
  3. High torque
    610N m (450 lb-ft) high torque.
  4. Light weight
    composite handle and 1.2 kg light weight.
  5. Single hand control
    hand control three steps forward speed and reverse the whole SPE
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