Company Profile


Our company was established in 1981 and we began with the trading of industrial machines and turnkey plants including woodworking furniture, Auto-bulbs and adhesive glues for those who wanted to be manufacturers instead of importers or distributors or overseas Chinese in Southeast Asian countries.
In 1985, we forecasted that, in the coming years, there would be great demand for pneum atic driving and hand tools for automobile maintenance and repair in the car after-market. Nowadays, those tools are called “Auto tools.”
We immediately recommended “Auto tools” to our Australian customer, who had only previously ordered hardware and hand tools for industrial use. Fortunately, his response made us feel rewarded, for not only did he agree with our idea, but decided to launch into this market with us. Over three years’ advertising and promoting useful and practical Auto-tools to motor mechanists, we found it very convenient and easy for everyone to work if these tools are at hand. Later on, increasing demand and constant development in the Auto-market proved it a visionary idea.
In 1986, we registered “TRAX” as our trademark in Taiwan, which originally had been registered in Australia. From then on, all tools have been branded with “TRAX”, representing reliability and responsibility.
In 1987, we added pneumatic nailers and staplers to the pneumatic tools we supplied.
In 1988, thanks to the experience of setting up a wood furniture factory for our customers before, we were invited to a woodworking machinery show. In that show, we met a buyer. This buyer owned a furniture factory in Johannesburg, South Africa, and he was looking for a reliable trading partner capable of purchasing various woodworking machines from many manufacturers. After accompanying him for four days in the show, we won this buyer’s trust and were chosen to be his purchasing representative in Taiwan. It was a new challenge for us to enter the field of woodworking machines.
In 2000, we categorized the Auto tools :
‧ Pneumatic tools
‧ Hand tools
‧ Hydraulic gear/bearing pullers
‧ Automotive tools
In 2006, in view of the booming manufacturers of tools in China, we set up a branch office in Shanghai to expand the source of our suppliers and enhance our competitive ability.
In addition to being a trader, we play a role as picky customers, testing all the tools before shipment; it is our Q.C policy that all tools should be delivered to our warehouse at first and then all tools go through 100% testing and running in our Q.C. department to ensure all tools work well in Taiwan and China. We believe in the goal of “Zero-Defect.” It is not just an idea; we spare no effort in making it come true.