Item No. : ARX-DR110

Description: Digital-type Needle Air Regulator [ARX-DR110]



Operation Range : 2.0~140 psig

Pressure Increments:0.5psi   


Accuracy: 2.0~ 80 psi =+/- 1.0 psi

81~ 140 psi= +/- 1.5 psi.

Battery Type:CR2032

Air inlet : 1/4″PT or NPT


Functions of Digital gauge :

1.Dual purpose single button:

a.quick push: power on/off.

b.3 seconds push/ hold: to start calibration.

    The display will display” .-.-.- ” during this time.

    The reading will then reset to “0.0”, Only calibrate when the unit is disconnected from the air supply.


2.The unit can be turned off at any time during use to save power or automatically turn itself off after 45 seconds.



*Light Weight.

* Over 6,000 cycles on/off

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